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We  source for high quality sugars  from across the globe and supply small, medium and large food and beverage manufacturers in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands. We also supply supermarkets around the country with sugars and cooking oils under our retail brands, Canefields and Harvest.
What makes us different? We truly understand how our customers' supply chains work, offer products that fit their requirements and provide outstanding service along the way.
In fact, we really value and understand the importance of:
- people
- relationships
- premium service; and
- efficient logistics management and lean supply chains

White Sugar
Refined cane sugar (sucrose) with a medium-sized crystal.  
This sugar is conditioned at source to achieve minimal moisture content.  The natural variability of sugar crystal size is

controlled to remove both the large and the majority of small crystals, resulting in uniformity of crystal size.  Given the

texture and consistency of granule size Standard 1A. Granulated sugar is suitable for baking and confectionery

manufacture where sugar crystal size affects texture and consistency

Raw Sugar
Raw sugar is refined raw sugar of Cane origin.
Raw Sugar has brown to dark crystals with a distinctive aroma

Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar is processed by boiling fine crystals from selected purified syrups that are high in invert sugar.  
It is a moist, refined sugar with a unique flavour and sweet molasses aroma.

Icing Sugar

Icing sugar is powdered sugar that can be used to sweeten desserts or add that little extra to your baking. Why not try

our classic Kiwi icing recipe found on the back of the pack?

Granulated Sugar
Crystallised sucrose in EU1 and EU2 qualities. These products have average crystal sizes ranging from 450 to 650 μm.

Sold in both bulk and bags. Granulated Sugar is used in most applications. EU1 quality is often used where the purity

requirements are extra high, for example in essences.
Granulated Sugar 500
Granulated Sugar 530
Granulated Sugar 550
Granulated Sugar 450-650

Caster Sugar
High purity-refined cane sugar (sucrose) product with fine, regular crystals. Caster Sugar is conditioned, at source, to

achieve minimal moisture content.  At the refinery, the crystals are separated by grading rather than milling, to maintain

crystal structure. This fine sugar will dissolve readily and mixes consistently with other fine granular or powdered



We have developed sound infrastructure facility in Thailand. Our infrastructure unit is installed with ultra-modern processing machines that greatly assist us in cleaning, grading, sorting & drying and other works.


We are greatly assisted by a team of skilled employees who make us capable of offering high quality edible products in the global market. Our team is experienced and is well-versed with the latest market developments as well as the needs of the clients. Our team makes sure that the clients are benefited with their demands with the best.


We are strictly concerned about quality control. All of the products we export are being certified by an Independent Surveyor. which all our clients and consumers feel satisfaction. Since our products are free of relative artificial additives, contain high nutritive value, they are absolutely natural and healthy.

We.,specializes in the import and export of high quality sugar.Many worldwide clients regularly rely on the consistently high quality products from both our own and our affiliates' modern processing, warehousing and distribution facilities. We are continually looking for new legitimate buyers of high quality pulse products from all areas of the world. We know you have a choice and we appreciate that you have chosen us to be your supplier. Rest assured we will work hard to earn your business.

Client Satisfaction:

We have always given prime importance to client satisfaction. The products are procured from the reliable vendors, thereby assuring their high quality. These factors have made us highly acclaimed and acknowledged by the clients residing in different corners of the world.

For your convenience we can package from 500gm, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg 10kg, 25kg to 50Kg bags or in bulk. We regularly services wholesalers, traders, distributors, millers, and even some large grocery retailers such as Wal-Mart.

Customer first, only with good quality and products can we succeed in so many countries. Let us serve you.
The Mission:
We are always striving to live up to the highest standards of the business. As a matter of principle, we are on the look to broaden our businesses relations and ties but making sure that we always have a list of satisfied customers. We believe that business can only survive and prosper if it wins the confidence and satisfaction of the customers.

Quality Assurance:
For us, meeting the set quality standards of the products we offer is of utmost importance. Being  ISO 9001:2008 with NSF, Sugar Board of Thailand, we ensure that the products offered are as per the set quality regulations.
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