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Butter salted & Unsalted

There are many butters from which to choose. Australian butters are  usually a rich yellow colour. That’s because Australian milk is rich in  beta-carotene (vitamin A) as cows are mostly pasture fed. By comparison,  European butters are pale in colour as the cows are commonly grain-fed  and often housed in barns for much of the year. The breed of cow and the  time of year can also make a difference and adding salt tends to make  butter more yellow. Artificial colouring is not used in Australia.
General Description
Salted and Unsalted butter is produced from fresh sweet cream which has been  pasteurised, churned and worked in continuous butter making machines, to  produce a premium quality butter. Unsalted Butter is uniform in  composition, yellow in colour with a clean nutty flavour typical of  butterfat.
Product Application
Unsalted butter is traditionally used as an ingredient in cooking and  baking applications where additional salt is not required or  undesirable. Unsalted butter imparts a natural and unique flavour  benefit, improves moisture retention and retards staling. Unsalted  butter may also be used as a flavour carrier or simply as a heat  transfer medium in cooking applications
Manufactured by certified systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 (HACCP) in
accordance with Regulations (EC) 852/2004 (EC) 853/2004.  Labelled by EU
identification mark LT 18-01P EB.  Organoleptic characteristics

Colour White to light cream
Flavour and odour
Clean, with no objectionable off- flavour and odour

Microbiological criteria
Plate count (less than)                                                       10 000 /g
Coliforms (not more than)                                                     1 / g
Salmonella                                                                  negative per 25 g
Listeria monocytogenes                                            negative per  25 g
Pharmacologically active substances               Not exceeding the limits set in Regulation 37/2010/EC
Combined total of residues of all substances  Not exceeding a value fixed in Regulations EC  

Average nutrition values/100g
Fat                       82 g
Proteins              0,5 g
Carbohydrates   0,8g
Energy               743 kcal / 3056 kJ

Packing: In cardboard boxes with parchment or polyethylene liner, 25 kg and 10 kg.

Storage: at a temperature not up:
                minus 12ºC - not longer than 12 months from the date or production,
minus 18ºC - not longer than 24 months from the date of production.
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